Genesee County 4-H ACES Club is for anyone who wants to learn more about science and robotics! Many different projects are offered throughout the year.

ACES meet on a Wednesday of each month from 4:30 pm- 6:00 pm at the CCE Building.

4-H ACES Club October Project 

At the present time, ACES' activities will be online.

I would like the members to use the 4-H filmmaking curriculum to make their own videos. Considering the current trend of working remotely, this is a good skill to develop. Those who choose a scientific topic to explore, conduct an experiment, or build something using scientific principles can submit their video as a virtual science fair entry. The 4-H office can share any videos made on the Genesee County 4-H Facebook Page and our CCE Genesee Youtube page.

I could not find the website that goes with the filmmaking curriculum, but I found the videos for the curriculum posted here:

The scripts for the videos are here:!overview

Additional resources:!resources

Two subjects I thought the members might enjoy are Building Bridges and Mentos and Soda Rocket Car. Other ideas for subjects can be found here:

Several years ago, ACES made two official 4-H STEM videos. They can be seen here:

A family can work together to create a video as in the first example. For those who are not comfortable in front of a camera, you can just show what you are doing as in the second video. (And hopefully work toward appearing in the video.)

I encourage everyone to give this a try. It can be as simple as showing a LEGO creation you made, explaining what motivated you to create it, and how you did the build. Show us your favorite animal and what it takes to keep it healthy. Demonstrate how to make a healthy snack and what about it is healthy. You may not realize it but you are surrounded by science!

Last updated December 29, 2020