LG Creative Retirement

Leadership Genesee Creative Retirement is a self-directed group of individuals in Genesee County who are nearing or have entered the retirement years. For some, retirement is marked by a date on the calendar, maybe a gold watch and the anticipation of more leisure time, travel and activities with family and friends. For many seniors, retirement is not a one-time event, but a process where they choose work over leisure as they transition to other employment of choice or actively participate in volunteer opportunities. 

Creative Retirement participants meet to help transition and enrich the lives of community retirees through shared life experiences, social networking, learning opportunities, and community involvement. The group was born out of an interest of alumni to stay connected to each other and the community.  Many participants are LG alumni, but that is not a requirement for participation!

The group meets on a regular basis for lunch, often with a presenter, and the discussion of a topic of common interest. Some topics include: 

  • Staying current with today's technology
  • Exploring new developments & challenges in Genesee County 
  • Lifelong learning and volunteering opportunities
  • Optimum health in retirement years
  • Travel tips
  • New hobbies
  • & much more! 

The journey through retirement can be daunting, but also very exciting! For further information about the Creative Retirement group, contact the Leadership Genesee office (information listed below). You do not have to be an alumnus of Leadership Genesee to be a part of this program, all are welcome! 


Peggy Marone
Leadership Genesee Director
585-343-3040 x118

Last updated December 21, 2016