Leader Resources


4-H Club Leader Handbooks:

4-H Cloverbud Leader Handbook (pdf)

4-H Club Leader Handbook (pdf)

4-H Officers Guide (pdf)

4-H Club Leader Tools:

4-H Club Business Meeting Agenda Planner (pdf)

4-H Parent Participation Survey (pdf)

Permission to Fundraise Form (pdf)

Troubleshooting 4-H Club Problems (pdf)


Discover 4-H Clubs Activity Guides Available:

The Discover 4-H Clubs series guides new 4-H volunteer leaders through the process of starting a 4-H Club or provides a guideline for seasoned volunteer leaders to try a new project area.  Each guide outlines everything need to organize a club and hold the first six meetings related to a specific project area.  These guides are available to 4-H volunteers free of charge.  Contact the 4-H Office if you would like a copy of these guides.

Discover 4-H Duct Tape Crafts (pdf)

Discover 4-H Photography (pdf)

Discover 4-H Sewing (pdf)

Last updated September 29, 2017