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LG Class of 2024

Leadership Genesee

A community needs leaders from all walks of life.  Each year, Leadership Genesee selects 25 individuals from the business, non-profit and public sectors to participate in a unique form of citizenship education.  The year-long curriculum is designed to raise awareness of the needs and challenges that affect Genesee County while enhancing individual leadership skills with a focus on civic responsibility and community stewardship.  This is an opportunity to be exposed to the necessary knowledge, experiences and people that make a community work.

Through a series of monthly, full day sessions and one, two-day retreat, scheduled for January of the program year, key topics are explored along with the concept and practice of leadership.   Topics include economic development, government, the justice system, agriculture, health care, human services, education, cultural diversity, and tourism/visitor industry.  Through group activities, tours and presentations by key community leaders, Leadership Genesee is developing leadership for our community, with our community and in our community.

Mission: Exploring the community & encouraging the leader within.

Vision: Leadership Genesee will be Genesee County's source of well-prepared community stewards.

Leadership Genesee believes in:

  • Integrity - a mutual trust and respect of others and yourself.
  • Participation - an experiential community-minded education.
  • Courage - personal growth through creative risk taking and focus.
  • Adaptability - ability to acclimate to any situation or "nest" in the wind.
  • Community - building relationships and promoting involvement. 

Program objectives:

  • To expand each class member's scope of awareness regarding issues and systems within the Genesee region.
  • To increase each class member's leadership skills.
  • To offer an adult learning environment that is interactive and promotes dialogue, team building and trust. 
  • To practice skills through the group process.


Peggy Marone
Leadership Genesee Director
585-343-3040 x118

Last updated January 26, 2024