"Find Your Farmer" and purchase local meats in bulk with the Meat Suite!

"Find Your Farmer" and purchase local meats in bulk with the Meat Suite!

Meat Suite

Meat Suite is a website designed to help consumers find locally produced, high quality meats to purchase in bulk. The site currently includes listings of farms that sell bulk meat in the Finger Lakes region, but now more counties are joining, including Genesee.

The website was created by Cornell Cooperative Extension Agriculture Educators in 2013 with the intention of increasing “freezer trade” (the sale of whole, halves, quarters of animals and bulk bundles of meat). It provides a platform the consumer can use to find a farm that fits his or her needs and preferences when sourcing locally raised meats. Farms may be searched by zip code or by species. Consumers will learn how each farm raises their livestock and about their farming practices, enabling consumers to choose the meats that fit their family’s wants and needs and ultimately to Find Your Farm!

Visit theMEAT SUITE here.

Creating a Meat Suite profile is an easy way to reach new potential customers and expand your farm’s online presence. It offers you an opportunity to explain to consumers why your farm is unique. Farms can create profiles featuring contact information, prices and descriptions of products, practices and photos. While we cannot guarantee that Meat Suite will generate sales for you, we encourage you to take a few minutes to join. It’s easy, fast and free. The more farms that join, the more consumers will see Meat Suite as a great shopping resource.

Original funding for this website and project was provided through a NE SARE Partnership Grant. SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) is part of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. SARE offers competitive grants to projects that explore and address key issues affecting the sustainability and future economic viability of agriculture. The expansion of the site is funded by the New York Farm Viability Institute.

Last updated June 7, 2016