Common Pests in the Home

The Master Gardeners at CCE Genesee County most frequently receives questions about the following Household Insect Pests. Please click on each link for a Cornell Insect Diagnostic Lab Factsheet PDF about that pest. 

Bed Bugs
Beetles in Flour, Grains and Other Stored Foods
Beetles Infesting Woolens (Carpet Beetles, Dermestids)
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Carpenter Bees
Cigarette and Drugstore Beetles
Deer Tick
Firewood Insects
Indian Meal Moth
Lady Beetles in Homes (Ladybugs)
Larder Beetle
Millipedes/ Sowbugs/ Pillbugs/ Centipedes
Powder Post Beetles
Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
Scales on Houseplants
Silverfish and Firebrats
Spiders (Also see "Spiders Commonly Encountered in PA and the Northeast")
Stinging Insects 
Western Conifer Seed Bug

Don't see your pest on the list? See the full listing of Cornell Insect Diagnostic Lab Factsheets.


Janice Beglinger
Agriculture Outreach Coordinator
585-343-3040 x132

Last updated January 25, 2017