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CCE of Genesee County Agricultural Outreach Coordinator Jan Beglinger publishes a weekly "Master Gardener Corner" article in the  Batavia Daily News.  Each week, she focuses on a different gardening topic based on hot topics or recent inquiries to our Master Gardener Hotline. If you have a topic to suggest, please feel free to contact us! 

For more information about any specific topic, please contact our Master Gardeners by calling 585-343-3040 ext. 127 Monday through Friday from 10 am until Noon; or stop by their office at 420 East Main Street, Batavia. 

Information in articles is current at time of publication. The Daily News may have changed some information for editing purposes. 

Garden Plants

Bees in Your Backyard

Tips for Plant Shopping

Bare Root Plants

All-America Selections Flower Winners 2017
Asters for Fall Color  
Carnivorous Plants  
Companion Plants for Iris  
Easter Lilies
Edible Landscaping
Forcing Spring Bulbs     
Flower Arrangements
Garden Phlox
Grape Hyacinths
Growing Bearded Iris
Growing Elderberry  
Growing Hydrangeas  
Hardy Hibiscus  (New September 5!)
Herbs in the Garden
New Annuals for 2016  
New Blooms for 2015
New Fruits and Vegetables for 2016
New Plants for 2016  
New Shrubs 2017
Ornamental Grasses
Overwintering Annuals (New September 12!)
Panicle Hydrangeas  
Rose of Sharon  
Spring Plants
Summer Bulbs 2017
Winter Interest Plants 


All-America Selections Vegetable Winners
All-America Selections Vegetable Winners 2017
Harvesting Vegetables
Late Blight Resistant Tomatoes
Vegetable Container Gardening
Vegetable Gardening Tips 

Garden Wildlife

Spring Peepers
American Toad
White-tailed Deer

Pests and Diseases

Apple scab
Bed Bugs are Back

Bed Bug Travel Tips
Common Garden Problems
Common Tomato Diseases  
Defending your Garden from Deer 
Four Seasons Garden Interest
Fungal Disease in the Garden  
Garden Happenings 
Garden Pests- Be on the Lookout!  
Grub Control
Japanese Beetles  
Jumping Worms
Insect Control on Houseplants
Late Blight 
Late Blight- A Community Disease  
Late Blight in a Dry Year?  
Lily Leaf Beetle
Lookout for Late Blight
Oak Wilt 
Phlox and Peony Diseases
Plant Disease Diagnosis
Rose rosette virus  
Six Legged Home Invaders
Snails and Slugs
Snow Molds 
Spider Mites
Spotted Wing Drosophila 
Watch for Ticks  
Winter Damage
Hemlock woolly adelgid 

Invasive Species

Invasive Species Regulations 
Weeds to Watch Out For

General Gardening

Pollinator Week!

Adaptive Gardening
Books to Read this Winter 
Fall Harvesting
Fall Garden Cleanup   
Fall Garden Tune Up 
Festive Spices  
Fragrant Flowers for Christmas  
Garden Tidbits
Get Your Garden Ready for Winter
Go Green in the Garden
Growing Garlic
Growing Herbs Indoors  
Houseplants- Bringing them In for Winter
How to read a seed packet
How to take a soil sample for testing
Indoor Seed Starting 
Keep Your Pets Safe this Holiday Season 
Lawn Care  
Lightning Bugs and Fireflies  
Milkweed & Pollinator Week
Mud Daubers  
Northern Bayberry
Pussy Willows
Seed Catalogs
Seed Collecting  
Soil Testing Results  
Spring Fever- Garden Chores   
Table Grapes
Weather and Plants
Wet Garden   
What to Do in the Garden (End of Year)
Year of Soils
Year of the Allium  


Attract Winter Birds with Fruit Producing Trees
Caring for Fresh Cut Christmas Trees
Chocolate does grow on trees!

Christmas Tree Types
Hiring an Arborist  
Oak Trees
Ornamental Crabapple Trees  
Selecting the Right Tree
Sugar MapleTrees for Bees  
Managing Wind Damage  
Volcano Mulching is a No-No  


Janice Beglinger
Agriculture Outreach Coordinator
585-343-3040 x132

Last updated July 30, 2019