Leadership Genesee is celebrating 20 years over the 2020 and 2021 calendar years. Why two years? Because LG 2020 is our 20th class & 2021 is the 20th year LG has been in existence. We need as much joy as possible to maneuver our minds through all this chaos and what better way to achieve that goal than to share memories of your class experiences – moments of triumph, laughter, sharing, teamwork… moments of digging deep into yourselves and finding something you didn’t know you had and yes, moments of tears. Those moments are the essence of the LG journey and catapulted you into the network of LG Alumni who are servant leaders for their communities, working hard to make a positive difference.

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2020 Outstanding Alumnus


Bill Schutt ’15, Genesee County Emergency Management

Bill has been an active member of the Town of Alabama Volunteer Fire Department for 30 years, serving in multiple capacities including Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief. He has been involved in all aspects of fundraising and community outreach. Bill serves as the Deputy Coordinator for Genesee County Emergency Management where he serves on multiple committees. He shares, " I have been a volunteer first responder for over thirty years. That volunteering turned into a college education and career. My whole journey has been about helping people and improving our community. I applied for LG as the General Manager of Mercy EMS, an organization I felt (and still do) is greatly overlooked in our community. LG has been a way to advance past my affinity of emergency services alone. By the second day session I knew LG would take me personally beyond the professional expectation of Mercy EMS. We will never have too many leaders if you look at leading as an action not a position. Every individual person can become an influential leader in their circle, even if that circle is very small. When like-minded individual leaders join together, that is when things get done on a larger scale.” 


Surprising Bill with goodies and a homemade LG plaque:

Row 1: Sarah Welker ’19, Row 2: Peggy Marone ’02, Bill Schutt ’15, Terry Abrams ‘07

Last updated July 7, 2021