Becoming a Participant

The class schedule for 2019 is posted on the right along with the program application.  Be sure all required signatures are in place, incomplete applications will be returned.

If you would like a recruiting packet or information mailed to you for future participation, please contact our office. 

The basics:

  • The program investigates the county through the “back door”: its issues, challenges and those in the community working to make it better
  • The program helps an individual assess their leadership style and learn ways to relate to others more effectively
  • Each class has 30 - 35 individuals from all walks of life
  • Applications are due October 15th
  • Admission is based on the application and an interview with Leadership Genesee Alumni
  • Tuition is $2,250 for the full year
  • An applicant should have the full support of the organization who is sponsoring them (unless the applicant is applying privately and not as part of an organization or business)


Peggy Marone
Leadership Genesee Director
585-343-3040 x118

Last updated September 11, 2018