4-H Club Info

4-H Club Information

4-H Clubs

New 4-H Clubs are always welcome!

How to Start a 4-H Club in 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Complete the New 4-H Volunteer Enrollment Form.
  2. Attend an orientation meeting with 4-H Staff.
  3. Enroll 5 youth in your club.
  4. Have members choose a club name.
  5. Plan a yearly club program with club parents and youth.

Visit the How to Join 4-H Page for enrollment forms.

Current 4-H Clubs

We have variety of 4-H clubs! Including:

  • ACES Club
  • Beef Club
  • Boots & Bling Horse Club
  • Chops & Hocks Swine Club
  • Clever Clovers
  • County Cloverbud Club
  • Critter Crew
  • Dairy Club
  • Kool K-9's Dog Club
  • FCS Club
  • Fur & Feather Club
  • Garden Club
  • Goat Club
  • Working Goats Club
  • Horse Bowl Club
  • Market Poultry Club
  • Mystic Riders Horse Club
  • Outdoor Survival Club
  • Photography Club
  • Sheep Club
  • Swine Club
  • Teen Club
  • Tractor Safety Certification



Last updated August 30, 2023